UnCONventional (part two)

I was just in Auckland at my very first Convention!

It was called UnCONventional and was a meeting of Science Fiction and Fantasy fans from around New Zealand. Many of the guest speakers there (myself included) were authors in the genre. I was honored to be in the company of some very successful published authors like Trudi Canavan, Helen Lowe and Mary Victoria (among many others).

When I first arrived I was rather nervous, but then one of the men sitting with these awesome women spotted my partner and it turned out they worked together back in Christchurch – we were introduced and invited into their circle and I was incredibly glad he’d agreed to come along =P

Over the two days, I got to participate in writing workshops, speak on panels about things ranging from Vampires to Self-Publishing and make a lot of great contacts. I sold eleven books while I was up there – exciting to say the least!

I learned while I was there that the most important marketing you can do is write more books, because each new book doesn’t just add to your income, it multiplies it (since people will want to purchase all your other books if they really love one of them).

Since I’ve been back home (one day so far) I have totally redone my website, gone crazy on pinterest, and begun outlining of my second book properly (in scrivener which I have also just discovered). I am determined to treat this as a career and find a way to be methodical about it so that I can get another (good quality) book out within the year.

Thank you all so much for your ongoing support!


Beaulah at UnCONventional

Me and a fellow author (Jonothan) at UnCONventional

2 thoughts on “UnCONventional (part two)

    • Thank you Ripley,
      It was certainly one of the most transformative experiences in my writing career to date. Will definitely be going to future cons!
      – B

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