Simple Wisdom

Me Chilling

A photo of me taken near Akaroa

When the going gets tough, it’s important to make the time to pause and take a deep breath.

In the week since I last posted, so much has happened. My boyfriend has revolutionized my ability to keep track of the timeline and characters in my world with some custom software; My writers’ guild has managed to bring together all the resources we need to be ready for Armageddon (a sci fi / fantasy con here in Christchurch next weekend); and I have taught every single day with passion and patience…

…but in the whirlwind of activity I have barely had the chance to breath, let alone sleep. Sometimes, I like to pretend I’m superwoman. I take on a million promises and then push myself to the absolutely limits trying to fulfill them. I imagine that if I say no to anything, this sucessful streak I seem to be riding will deflate and all my good luck will turn sour.

The thing is… I’m not superwoman, and I miss things. I realize that I’ve forgotten to send a vital form or organize thank you gifts for supporters. In the past I’ve beaten myself up for these slip-ups… but now I realize that success isn’t about saying ‘yes’ to everything and it’s not about getting everything right. You’ve just got to pick yourself back up, make the best of what you’ve got and plan how to do better (with less stress) in future.

I asked Helen Lowe what she does to keep writing, even when it seems like there’s so much to do. She said:

The wisdom is easy: you have to give yourself set writing times every week and stick to them. No exceptions. End of wisdom.  🙂

I liked that a lot. Simple, effective and yet the biggest challenge I’ve ever faced.

I’ll tell you how it goes…

1 thought on “Simple Wisdom

  1. hehe I just sent you an email that says remember to breathe 🙂 theme for the day. I fail epically at the set writing times plan. ADHD fail.

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