Meet Fran

Fran Atkinson


Writer, awesome Critique Coordinator and more than slightly insane (her own words, I promise). She has been an integral part of making the Christchurch Writers’ Guild what it is today. We couldn’t do it without you Fran!

What do you do as a day job?
I’m a full-time mum of a toddler.

What sorts of things to you love writing about?
I like to write things that explore the human condition, and assist in my own understanding of the world.

What draws you to being a writer?
I love the chance it offers to explore alternate worlds and change around society without doing any damage to the real world.

When did you start writing & why?
I’ve read stories I wrote as a five year old, telling short simple tales such as running away from the giant that was in my house, so I think I actually have been writing stories since I could. I have a crazy imaginative mind, and it helps to channel my ideas into stories.

What is the most rewarding thing about writing?
When you get so caught up in the world you’re writing in and the words come rapidly and easily. The characters direct the story and you don’t have to force anything. That’s when your story exists as its own entity and not just as something you’ve written.

What is the most frustrating thing?
Finding the time and motivation (simultaneously!) to get lost in words.

How has reading influenced your writing?
Throughout my teenage years it had a rather negative effect, as I was convinced I could never be that good. But now my reading is more analytical which makes me think how things are phrased, and what works well versus what I don’t like.

Who do you write for?
Mostly I write for myself. I have written some poetry dedicated to others, a lot for my husband, and I’m working on a children’s story for my son, but really it’s all for me.

Would you ever consider mainstream publishing / putting your work out there for a mass audience?
I would now, but I don’t want it to be as a source of income, more as a way to share my words with others. I’m totally open to the idea of compiling some of my work into free ebooks (once I have enough that is worth sharing).

How do you deal with negative feedback?
Most of the negative feedback I’ve gotten recently has been dealt with with a *facepalm* because the mistakes are just so obvious. I work hard not to catastrophise these moments and remind myself that every writer makes dumb mistakes.

What is your advice for young authors starting out?
Read a lot. Write, with no limits. Break all the writing rules.

You can find out more about Fran at her blog:

6 thoughts on “Meet Fran

    • She certainly is! I love Fran’s writing – it feels very honest and gives these awesome insights into another person’s head. I feel very privileged when I get to read her work.

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