Meet Tammie Banks – CWG member


I got to meet Tammie for the first time last year during Nano. A fun and insightful young woman I’ve come to consider a friend, I think Tammie can (in the world of writing) be understood best by the quote she chose:
“I love writing, but I can’t stand the paperwork.”  Peter de Vries
Here’s my interview with her:
Please tell me a little about yourself and what sort of things you write.
What can I tell you about myself? I hate talking about myself. That question has been known to cause sweaty palms and twitches…. so let’s just say I’m me. 
When did you know you wanted to be an author? What changed?
 I think the first time I knew I wanted to be an author was when I wrote a novella based on a girl who wanted to be doctor. But it was the early 1900’s and it was still very much a man’s job. She had to then drop out of school to care for her ailing mother, so I told her view of the world. Then and when I wrote a series of kids books for a writing class. I knew then that I wanted to share my “gift” with others. I’m still yet to do it, but one day it’ll happen. 
What do you love most about writing?
The escape to an alternate reality, the chance to explore different worlds, cultures and stuff like that. I’m not real wordy today, I’ve been working too much LOL.
What do you find most frustrating?
Finding the time to write, finding the right words to explain what I want to write.
What is most important to you as an author?
Keeping true to Tammie. Writing helps me find more about myself, so that’s important to me.
How has your writing influenced you as a person?
It’s given me more confidence to go out and meet new people and try different things. If it wasn’t for NaNo all those years ago, then I wouldn’t have met a great bunch of people.
Where do you find inspiration for your stories? Can you give me an example?
I find influence in every day life. I’m still working on a real life type book on my experiences as a call center operator. I try my best to draw on real life experiences but I like to escape into other worlds as well. 
What’s your best advice for overcoming writer’s block?
Writer’s block kills me. The best thing I have found to over come it is just to open a blank word document and write garbled words. Either that or I read. I think writer’s block is the main reason I’ve read over 170 books this year LOL.
What advice would you give young writers just starting out?
Don’t give up. Just keep on writing. Believe you are the little train that could … but in your case, you are the little writer that could.

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