All the best intentions

I just hit 50,000 on my Nano about ten minutes ago and I feel this huge relief. Every year, I convince myself that I will do Nano and ‘this time’ I’ll do it right, but the only way I ever get to the end is by writing ever single little thing that comes into my head and by writing about my novel just as much as I write the thing itself.

I wanted to blog regularly during the whole thing – to feel that I had arrived at a place much closer to a finished draft of my second book, and while neither of those things happened in the end, I am proud to say that I finally have an outline.

I love outlines, I write them for the sole intention of ignoring them completely (lol). They do make me feel a lot better though. This one needs a lot of work, but it feels good.

Thank you so much to everyone who supported me this month – especially Fran, Rochelle, Tammie and Dad (who growled at me whenever he saw me playing games or watching TV when I could be writing my novel). Love you guys!

Thank you also to Tierney and Ella – your enthusiasm over my teasers and your interaction on my Chronicles Blog helped remind me why I love this world and these characters so much. You guys are fantastic!


That’s all.

8 thoughts on “All the best intentions

  1. Thank YOU, Beaulah!! 🙂
    I think you did a wonderful job with Nano — I can’t wait to see the results!! 😉
    Have a great Christmas!! 🙂

  2. Having completed it myself I’m starting to wonder what all the fuss was about, it was child’s play really. I’m starting to wish that the word limit was 100,000 to separate the men from the boys but i guess that would be too much for the judges to get through.

    • Ah there no judges and people set their own word count goals based on what they feel would be a challenge. Our ML is going for 100k and is nearly there. Perhaps you should try that next year?

      • Really, 100,000 words you say…. and ML would be? And no judges for nanowrimo? Damn really, I was told it was a competition with place prizes and such. Are there any actual competitions coming up?

      • ML is our municipal liaison – the girl who organizes nano events for us in Christchurch. Who told you Nano was judged? The whole point is that it’s a personal challenge. If you want to hear about judged competitions, you are welcome to join our Christchurch Writers’ Guild group on Facebook – we update people on every event and competition we hear about.

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