Letting go of the pressure

I love how passionate many people are when they read my book. More often than not, I hear “Can’t wait for the next one,” which is such a huge compliment and makes me smile. I’m so grateful for everyone’s kindness and support.

Other times, people ask me, “When is the next one out?” which is essentially the same thing, but requires some sort of answer. I smile and say ‘some time next year’ while inside I cringe, just knowing I’m going to disappoint them. I go home and think about working on my book, but the arbitrary deadline I just made up looms over me like a black cloud. I get scared to start writing a scene, because it might be wrong and then I’ll have to scrap it and I will have wasted all that time. I don’t feel comfortable playing around with random unrelated characters or writing short stories, because they don’t directly add to the second book and might be judged as ‘distractions’ by this crowd in my head that’s campaigning for the next book to be finished… tomorrow.

Today I did a whole heap of tapping (EFT) with mum on that big black cloud and the crippling sense of pressure and once it was gone, I felt so free. I realized that I’m the only one making me feel this way. So now if anyone asks when the next book will be done, my answer is this – “When it’s ready.”

I hereby give myself permission to continue to love this world, be passionate about its characters (no matter how incidental) and write what I want to write. Half the point of being self published is the freedom to do things in your own way and in your own time. I choose to take full possession of that freedom and have fun!

Thank you all so much for your ongoing support. If the wait is feeling too long, make sure to check out all the action on my Chronicles of Tyria blog!

Love you lots,


9 thoughts on “Letting go of the pressure

  1. Well done! Glad the tapping helped clear things up for you and I look forward to hearing how it’s all going now that you are free of that pressure.

  2. I guess a more relevant question wouldn’t be ‘when’ is the next book coming out but how far through it you are. Brandon Sanderson has a nice thing on his website where it shows the progress of his books on the left hand corner and apparently updating it gives him enough satisfaction that it actually motivates him to write more. Plus it makes sure people know he’s still working on them.
    I know another author who is trying to get published and so she is writing in every genre she finds interesting to give herself a wider demographic and to find the right audience and agent for it as well as to improve her overall scope. Have you ever thought of giving writing a book in another world or in another genre a go?

    • I have written other stories and even had some short stories published, but this series is what I’m most committed to right now.
      I’ve considered a progress bar but it seems really arbitrary because of the way I write. I tend to discover my books in the process of writing them and only know how long they’ll be or where they end once I get there.
      I could do some sort of time counter… Like hours spent on this book, but that might stress me out.
      You pose a good question. I will consider further.

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