New Cover for Book Two

After a very productive photoshoot this weekend, I have a first draft of the cover for book two, and I’m excited. Having a cover makes the whole book feel much more tangible! Huge thank you to Kath Doig, my beautiful model on the front, and Alex Robinson, who provided a very manly silhouette!


6 thoughts on “New Cover for Book Two

  1. Wow, congratulations on the new cover for book 2! 🙂
    It’s quite different from the book 1 cover, isn’t it?
    The girl on the book 2 cover looks similar to you! Is it Juliana?
    Is the man and women silhouettes Tynan and Taysa?

    • Hehe the cover is definitely different, but I think better =D The words are easier to read. The girl in front is my friend Kath. I was imagining her as Juliana. The two in the background I thought would be Tasya and… hmm… I’m open to the male being Tynan, Kamron or Daniel. Not sure, just looked cool.


    Beaulah it’s so AWESOME!!!


    I love it, it’s so PRETTY!

    *looks at the cover again*

    Oh wow!!! It’s so EXCITING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I think the exclamation mark key on my keyboard is about to break!!!

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