Pre-Valentine’s Flash Fiction


You are to write a piece of flash fiction (up to 250 words) which includes a ‘first kiss’ scene. Flash fiction is still a story, so needs a beginning, middle, and end.The story should stand on its own without needing to have read anything else before hand.

Here’s my attempt:

The room is noisy and full of teenagers. Kat’s over by the punchbowl, flirting with Lee. She brushes blue hair out of her eyes with a coy smile. He’s probably just complimented her TARDIS dress. His Darth Vader helmet is under one arm and his forehead is damp. Totally regretting that costume choice.

I’m snuggled between the couch and the lazyboy with a bowl of popcorn, feeling like a spectator. Mum will be here any second. She never lets me stay out past nine.

Raj vacates the lazyboy, looking for a drink. Lee pounces on the seat with a grin. “I’ve had my eye on this spot all night.”


“More interested in the company.”

My heart skips a beat. “Where’s Kat?”

He shrugs. “I fled when I guessed Raj was gonna vacate. . .”


“Mia?” He lifts my chin so I’m looking at him. His stare is intense. “Remember when I said sometimes you just have to close your eyes and jump?”

I nod breathlessly.

“I’m taking my own advice.”

I’m frozen. I close my eyes just as his lips brush mine. His kiss is warm and sure. My mind’s blank, but my heart’s doing acrobatics.

Someone whistles. My cheeks are a furnace.

“Mia Fitzgerald,” Lee whispers, “will you go out with me?”

I’m a stunned rabbit, but I manage to nod once.

“Mia,” someone yells from the hall. “Your mum’s here.”

I groan and Lee laughs.

“See you at school?” he asks.

“Yeah, see you.”

Word count: 249

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