The White Heron


Coming soon – The White Heron is book two in the Chronicles of Tyria series. Picking up where book one left off, the White Heron follows Juliana, Tasya and Kamron on their separate paths to become leaders of Tyria.






The Silver Hawk

The Silver Hawk Cover

Young Tasya has lived most her life as a spy in the princess Juliana’s court, but now war is coming and she must choose a side.

Tasya has no idea she’s being watched by the gods. She has no reason to suspect that she isn’t entirely human…

At age six, Tasya’s mother was murdered and her twin brother kidnapped by priestesses of the Order. At eight she was sent by her father to become handmaid to the blind princess, and a spy in the royal court. Nearly sixteen years later, the old Queen dies and the fragile princess is poised to become Queen. Tasya will be forced to choose between the princess she loves and the father she serves.

Meanwhile, the gods have problems of their own. It will be no easy task for them to save their favorite humans from extinction, and themselves from permanent exile.

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Read the book and want to know more? Check out Chronicles of Tyria for up-to-date information, character interviews and juicy gossip from the world of the books.

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