My first 100%

The progress bars seem to be helping! I got my first 100% today after going through all my major characters and working out what their story lines were all about. Each character was described in a single word (e.g. Tasya – Courage) and then a single sentence (A handmaid, suddenly crowned queen, finds the courage to lead her people). Then I wrote down where that character is at the beginning of the book, what the major turning points in their story are, what their ultimate challenge (or climax) is and how their story is resolved.

I’m hoping this road map will help me look at the overall plot of books two (and three) and have a much clearer idea of where I’m going.

Wish me luck!

– B

Renewed enthusiasm

Thanks to Woolfa’s awesome suggestion, I’ve put a progress bar up in the left corner of my side bar. It doesn’t tell you when I’ll be finished (as per my previous post) – but if you’re the sort to wonder what I’m up to (and if I’m actually doing anything on the book), you can see the goal I’m currently working toward and how far through I am.

This first one is to type up all my handwritten chapters (after my nearly month of productive hand writing). I’m improving them as I go, so this also an edit.

I’m having lots of fun and falling for my characters all over again, especially this new love interest for Tasya… 😉